Daily dash

During these holidays I would like to go to America and go to Disney Land. I would go on Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. The next day I will fly to England and watch Manchester united VS Liverpool FC, and Manchester win. I will also fly to China. Then walk the whole Great Wall of China in Beijing. Then I ‘d go sky diving to the MCG which stands for Melbourne Cricket Ground, and watch Geelong VS Collingwood and Geelong win by 100 goals. Then my grandpa will make a cannonball and boom me to queen’s park pool. After swimming I’d drive in my AudiR8 to Crown Casino and gambol and win every game I play. So I get a billion  `1     dollars and buy a Ferrari Enzo and a Lamborghini.

Ludo 2

The rules of the game

How to play: Each player has four acorns and each acorn is a different colours. Whoever rolls the smallest number gets to move first. You have go around the board two times to start have to go back to the start. If its your turn to move and you move on the same step as the wall heading for home. If your acorn goes on the same step as the other person they hto start all over again.

How to win: you have to go around the board to times.


Agent Garry

One morning agent Garry was brushing his teeth when he saw Adolf Hitler. He was walking on the road shooting people with RPG’s. Agent Garry to the rescue, Agent Garry kicked Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler teleported away. Agent Garry ran back inside and tracked were Adolf Hitler was going. He was at head quarters, the head quarters was at Germany. But Agent Garry was in Vietnam. The next day he hired a private jet and his weapons. Soon he was at Germany. He was at headquarters, he saw a few guards walking. Agent Garry went and killed the guards and went in. When he went in he put bombs on the oil tanks. He got caught by another guard. Agent Garry ran off, he went outside and found a quad bike and he rode away with it. Back  at the headquarter, BOOM BANG, the headquarter exploded and Adolf Hitler died.