Hi my name is Raymond and I’d like to  be a SRC Rep because I’m a organised, smart and a efficient worker.


I’m a very organised person  because I always have my stuff all in one place and not scattered everywhere. For example when ever my  parents want me to get something I’m always organised and  I can get what they need with out thinking where I put it, that’s how organised I am.


I’m very smart because when I do a test I always get a high score. For example when I was in Zoya’s class every fort night we had a times tables test. The only 2 score I got was 49 and 50 with were the highest scores you can get.


Lastly, I’m a very efficient worker because when ever Lee or my parents set me a task I always finish it on time and I never get distracted  by anyone. For example when I wrote the Dear Lee Letter I didn’t get distracted by the boys that was on my table.


That’s why I strongly believe that  I’m going to be a fantastic, efficient and smart SRC!!!