Wham it was the final bat of gala sports 2013. The ball flew over alot of peoples heads, it then bounced twice and it went for a double four! I was so happy when I smashed a double four, and so was all my team mates. Eamon was my batting partner. He scored alot of runs as well. The best bowlers were Jack Leury, Kallum and me, because we had the leading wickets. The match our team did’nt do really well in was the match when our team competing aganist Strathmore North. There team is good because they have the fastest bowlers and the best batters, but our team still tried hard. On the first match of day 1 we were competing Moonee Ponds Primary School (team 2), our team was team 1. My batting partner for day 1 was Luca, he did really good exept he made bad decisions and we lost a few runs.

On the first day Angus Kelly was missing from our team  because he went some where. But when he came back on the second day he did really good for our team. He made alot of runs and he was on a hatrick. The captain and vice captain for our team was Ben Robetshawe and Lily Tye. On the first day we played 5 games lost 3 and won 2. On the second day we played 5 games lost 1 and won the rest. Overall we played 10 games lost 4 and won the rest!!!

Maths Mate Term 1 sheet 8

Question: Find the sum of the 7 hidden faces of the dice?

Predict: I predict that this is going to be about “WRITING A NUMBER SENTENCE”

Clarify: NONE!

Qestioning: NONE!

Summary: So first i wrote 1 to 6 twice, then i crossed out the ones that are already on the dice. After that i just added the ones that havent been crosed out.