The mysterious men

Once inside a little house on the corner of Jackson road and Boaty Street lived a bunch of guys. Their names were John, Phil and Dug. John and Dug escaped from prison and now there being chased, while Phil is Dug’s brother and Phil is helping them. The three men then went on the balcony and to have a drink, but when they got outside a cop spotted them and started firing at the balcony. Then several other cops came and succoured the house a few seconds later a car flew out of the house and off they went. Inside the car were Phil, Dug and John. Not long later their car went out of petrol and they had to take a taxi home.

When they got home they where so tired that they just fell on there beds and slept till 11:30am  and when they got dressed they went to the magician and got some help. When they were talking  Robert came pass and recorded the whole conversation. When he got home he turned the TV on and heard that they was a tsunami in wangi land and it would soon come down  tongi land .

Two weeks later:

Ahh, cried the city people  there’s a huge tsunami coming . Everybody started running for there lives and to the state library and it was soon in pieces. because it’s the only place that can’t get hit by the tsunami. But then a huge tornado struck the library and there was no place to hide. “Yes there is ‘said Robert ‘where’ ‘my house’. Soon the tsunami came closer and closer and the city people were all running to Roberts house. When they got there Robert told everybody to go inside and find a place to stand.

when everybody got inside the house went  flying  down underground. Robert didn’t like bad guys in his house, but then he found out that John, Phil and Dug was in his house. Bullets started flying everywhere and everyone was screaming. All the bullets came out of  Dug’s gun. Robert spotted them climbing out of the chimney. When they got out the cops where everywhere and soon enough they where e wrested. Now that Robert saved the city people  the LIFE SAVER award goes to Robert.


The End!


Semester 1 Goals

Semester 1 reflection

My goals for this semester are read the question carefully, slow down at maths and think about the problem and participate in class discussions. For my English goal I want to improve by reading the question carefully and rereading the question over and over again. For maths I want to slow down and think about the problem or question. Lastly for behaviour my goal is to contribute more and participate in class discussions.


Passion Blog

I like swimming because 1 i’m good at it 2 its fun and 3 it makes you fit. I’m good at swimming because I’ve been in squad for 2 and half years now and I’ve been doing swimming lessons for 2 years, which means  i have been doing swimming for 4 and a half years already. Its fun because its enjoyable, its easy and its addicting. Swimming also makes you fit because there’s a guy in our squad and his been doing squad for 6 and a half years already and now his got nearly an eight pack.

Superman(The Remake)

Once far far away in the woods super-baby was born. He was born in a very small cottage and lived with his mum and dad until he was 21 years of age. When he was 21 he wasn’t called super baby anymore he was called super man. Super man liked his work, his work was being a business man. Back in the city superman was very famous so he had to put glasses on.

Super man is a really smart guy because for some odd reason he is smart at all the core subjects like maths, English and science. At his work he would get paid double as much because he helps the boss when it comes to counting money or writing piece of writing.

One day super man was driving to work when he saw a gang of people chasing him. superman soon drove into a dead end. The gang was about to shoot him went out of no where a school bus came and ran the gang over. Now superman lived happily ever after.

Three types of graphs

3d bar graph

Strengths: The strengths about this graph is its easy to under stand.

Weakness: The weakness about this graph is that it doesn’t tell you the exact number.


Strengths : The strengths of this graph is to understand.

Weakness: The weakness for this graph is that its boring and simple.

Strengths: The strengths for the pie graph is that its easy to read.

Weakness: The weakness for this graph is that it doesn’t tell you what the precise number is.



Reading Questions

Q. When you are reading and come to something you don’t know, what do you do? Do you do anything else?

A. Yes when i get stuck on something i either reread it or i ask some one that knows to explain to me.

Q.Who is a good reader you know?

A. A good reader i know is Luca because once he starts reading he doesn’t want stop because he is so sucked into the book.

Q.What makes them a good reader?

A. What make Luca a good reader is that he doesn’t get distracted from anyone and that he won’t talk to anyone.

Q. Do you think they ever come to something they don’t know?

A. Yes i think Luca has come to some thing they don’t know because if he hadn’t come to some thing he didn’t know then i wouldn’t be a just right book.

Q.If yes, when they do come to something they don’t know what do you think they do? If no, what do you think they would do?

A. When Luca comes to something he doesn’t know i think that he would reread the question over and over again until he knows what it means.

Q.If you knew someone was having trouble reading how would you help that person?

A. The way that i would help a person when there have trouble is that i would read the thing first then i would explain to them what it is.

Q.What would a/your teacher do to help that person?

A. I think that the teacher will help the person by telling them to reread the question.

Q.How did you learn to read?

A. The way that i learn’t to read is that in kinder and prep they teach you how to read so when your in 1/2 you would be an expert at reading.

Q.What would you like to do better as a reader?

A. As a reader i would want to do better slowing down a bit more and actually understanding it a bit more.

Q.Do you think you are a good reader? Why?

A. I think i’m a alright reader because Most of the time i don’t struggle on any thing but some times i do struggle on something so thats what makes me a alright reader.

Reading Reflection

Time Riders Page 1- 10 6/6/13

In this book I admire Liam O’Connor because 1 his a life saver and 2 his a brave kid. Liam O’Connor is only 14 and his on the titanic by him self. I think this is a really good book because there’s lots of adventure packed in it and its a mystery book as well because you don’t know whats next. I also think its a good book because its a fiction book.


Once far far away in the woods a kid was born.  That kid did not like birds so he didn’t do to rain forrest because there were lots of birds one day he decided to not be scared and he went on the streets skateboarding then a bird swooped down and took the boy away. The bird took the boy to somewhere far far away where he could never come back. The bird was a friendly bird so the bird would fly away to the super markets and get stuff for him to eat. Those two lived happily ever after.