Term 2 Project Reflection

Three facts I found interesting and surprising: Three facts i found interesting was that Andrea’s Vesalius discovered the urinary system because I thought a doctor discovered it but actually a author discovered it . Another interesting fact is that the Urinary system wasn’t studied too long ago. The last interesting fact is that one in ten people you meet has to have a kidney replaced.


Two understandings I now have: One of the two understanding i now have is that now i know to find the key words i can do my cue cards more easily. The second understanding is making a powerpoint that doesn’t give away everything.


One wondering I still have is: One understanding I now have is if i can do this project all over again by myself with out any help.


What were the most important things I learnt?

The most important thing i learn’t is that finding key words putting it in my own words then putting them on cue card. If you didn’t have cue cards then you would be reading off a chunk of information.


How did I learn it?

I learnt it when our teacher tought us how to find key words. when you find the key words  you can just put all the key words on a card then when you present you just read of the cue card.


100WC week39

Once in the woods lived a boy. That boy didn’t like his parents because they were cruel and offensive. His parents never let him watch TV or do any fun stuff. The boy’s name was Tubby. When Tubby goes to school everyone bullies him, and no one would like to be his friend.  One day Tubby wanted to quickly and silently leave home but he wondered what he would do if he didn’t have his parents feeding him and buying him clothes. When he opened the door he suddenly woke up from his dream. Now he lived happily ever after.