Picture problems Pedal bin


I predict that this is going to be about patterns and tessellations because that’s what the floor is.


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Clarify: We had nothing to clarify.

BIG Question:  There are four questions in this problem. 1,

What shape is this pedal bin?, Try to match the squares on the floor with their reflections in the bin.

How many squares can you see in two places: on the floor and reflected in the bin?

What happens to the straight lines on the floor when they are reflected in the bin?

Mathematicians toolbox: Look for and describe a pattern or rule.


Question 1: In the picture the bin is a cylinder.

Question 3: 97

Question 4: The straight lines are bent into an arc or circular shape  because the bin is circular.

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Predict: I predict that this is going to be about adding numbers.

Read: Complete the addition table

Clarify: There was nothing to clarify.

Whats the big question? The big question is complete the addition table.

Mathematicians toolbox: The strategy I used when doing this problem was guest check and improve.


What do we know about Australia before the British came?

Before the British came to Australia the aboriginals where the only people living in Australia. The British weren’t the first ones to discover Australia. Australia had been visited for centuries by Dutch, French, Macassan, Arab, and Portuguese explorers and traders. Most European sailors where actually sailing to java to get spices. Dirt Cartog was a Dutch man who came past the Australia while going to java. Chinese traders came centuries before the Europeans and the British explorers.

The Macassans were also explorers that explored the world. The Macassans sailed to Australia in boats called praus and fished for trepang in dugout canoes. Some of these canoes were traded with the Indigenous people, who learned from the design and started making their own canoes. Macassan people traded other objects with the Indigenous people. Knives, axes, smoking pipes and fish-hooks were traded in exchange for tortoise shells and pearl shells. The Macassans also influenced the art, stories, dance, language, and rituals of the Indigenous people in the region.


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