100 wc week #3

It was a dark night was I saw something strange coming out of the woods. I ran over to see what it was just some stupid boy dancing under the fire light. I sat down all upset because it hadn’t been light for hour. Then suddenly out of know where I saw a bright sun light shining towards me. I look behind me and suddenly I saw sun light coming from over the high mountains. Now that the sun was about to come up I wasn’t scared of the dark any more I was back to training on Sunday mornings.

Historical Fiction

Hey Billy! said Johny as he rode  down the road on his horse. Billy was upset so he didn’t answer at all. Billy was walking home when he saw a stranger getting bashed outside a bar. Hey get off him screemed Billy. Who are you? me? “i’m Billy Howsan and i’m a farmer. Now get off him before i get the cops! Lets get him said the gang of people. Ahh! screemed Billy as he was getting chased. Bang! Bang! Bang! bullets flew out of the revolver. Wow! who are you? I’m Harry! nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too said Billy as they happily walked down the road to Billy’s house. Next day went to work at the farm when he decided to have a break and go to the river to have some rest.

Once he got to the river he saw a funny looking boat coming towards him. Soon the boat stopped and a Chinese walked out. Ha ha Laughed Billy because the Chinese looked like a alien from outer space. What are you laughing at said the Chinese as he came closer and closer. Wham Billy knocked him out. That night billy brought him back to the town to show everybody. When Billy chucked him down on the table Ming woke up. Hey why are there so many people crowding me haa haa i’m asking a question.

Next morning Ming woke up in a dusty room inside a farm house. When Ming went outside he saw billy. Hello friend said Ming as he walked closer and closer to Billy. Do you have anything to eat said Ming yeah shore, go in the second door to the right and eat some food there.

Later that day another ship load of Chinese came. As the days passed more and more Chinese came. Soon the towns were crowded with Chinese. As the months passed the Chinese thought of an idea of building train tracks through out america. Soon the idea got the Americans thinking. Ten years later the train tracks were finished and all thanks to the Chinese we had train tracks.