100WC week #9

It was a beautiful day in the fun park. I was on the roller coaster having fun when a violent storm struck the park. The roller coaster suddenly stopped. I got flung out of the roller coaster and landed in the river. When my head poked up I was crying like hell with my eyes closed. When I opened my eye’s the beautiful fun park turned into a disaster. The beautiful day turned into a nightmare all the rides were strucked down. All the cars on the roads were burning. Then I woke up inside the balcony of my house.

Maths Mate term 4 sheet 2 question 23

Read: I think of an number, add 9 and then multiply by 3. If the result is 30, what was the original number.

Predict: I predict that this is going to be about trial and error.

Clarify: None

Whats the big question: The big question is what is the number.

Mathematitions toolbox: Guess check and improve

Solve: I knew that 10 times 3 would be thirty so i just took 9 away from 10 with is 1.

Answer: 1

Crime Scene

Yesterday on the 17/10/13 a terrible crime scene happened at Moonee Ponds Primary School. Some stranger came into the classroom and cut opened a tail. The tail actually belonged to one of the teachers at the school. The teacher was Lee.

When Lee walked into the classroom he saw the writing on the board saying:





Lee said that when he walked in the classroom he saw a foot print on the ground. Lee said that the foot print was quiet a big foot print so it must be an adult. He also said that the door was locked, so the person must have a key. Then Lee said that the writing was to cruel for a child to write.

Now that the evidence has been collected, people say its going to be one ongoing investigation.

Its clear that Lee has some good points, but it might be an accident or it might be on purpose.


100WC holiday prompt#1

On day after school a boy named Joey came home from school. When Joey got home he realised that he forgot to bring his maths book home. While Joey was about go back to school his friends came over and he totally forgot about the maths homework. The next morning Joey slept in so that meant his was in a hurry. When he got to school the maths teacher came around to collect the maths sheets, when the teacher nearly came to Joey the little kids heart was beating incredibly fast. Then the teacher just gave a detention to Joey.

Holiday Reflections

One thing on my holiday that I thought really helped me was when I bought my shoes. My brothers shoes costs $90 and mine cost $110. Yet my brothers shoes already has a hole in it. Thats why you should buy the more expensive ones then the ones that are on sale because the ones that cost more have better quality.

I also talked to my partner about what he did on the holidays that really him. The thing that my partner learnt was to tie a tie. That helped him because whenever he needs to tie a tie he doesn’t need his parents to do it for him he can do it himself.

5 Cent Frenzy-Infographs


Q: What is an infographic?

A: A visual image of data.

As a part of our 5C frenzy work we created infographs to create interesting and colourful ways to present our data. There are many online sites that let you create these graphs, we used infogr.am

Some of the problems we encountered along the way were sighing up to infogram.

What we did to over come these were we tried our school email and it worked for all of us.

What worked with our infographs was that the it saves automatically with meant we didn’t lose any data.

What I can improve upon is not to waste time and get straight on to the task with out the teachers getting frustrated.

Below are my graphs