Maths Mate term 4 sheet 5 question 23

Read: Move one match to make this statement correct. (Vi+ii=iii)

Predict: I predict that this is going to be about making the number sum correct.

Clarify: None

What is the big question: The big question is what stick are you going to move to make the statement right.

Mathematician’s toolbox: The strategy I used was Guess Check and Improve.

Answer: V+ii=Vii

Summary: At first I thought it was going to be hard because I didn’t know it was roman numerals. But when I found out it was roman numerals it made things ten times easier.

100wc week#12

Once in the Wonga tong land lived a very poor boy, his name was Jerry. He was walking through the bushes when he saw a bottle inside a very mysterious cottage. As he went to have a closer look he saw some very strange monkeys just swinging on the vines. When he entered the cottage he saw a letter in a bottle. The letter was T. As Jerry was sprinting home with the bottle he slipped and fell in a very dark hole in the middle of know where. Bang a spear stabbed in to his stomach and killed him.

Maths mate Sheet 5 question 22

Read: Move 2 matches to leave 4 squares.

Predict: I predict that this is going to be about moving matches to get an exact answer.

Clarify: None

Mathematician’s toolbox: Guess check and improve.

What is the big question: Move 2 matches to leave 4 squares.

Solve: I took away the top right hand corner ones because if I took them away then you will only be left with four squares.



100 wc week 11

On Remembrance Day I was remembering all the people who died in the war and how a lot of people got injured badly. When it was 11:00 we had the minute silence. In between the minute of silence the evil swooping bird came down and swooped the whole class. After that everyone was crying, the minute of silence turned into the minute of crying. As I walked home blood was dripping from my face because of the bird. Once I walked home I cleaned myself then took out my note pad and started writing about Remembrance Day. LEST WE FORGET.


Notes into Summaries

In term 3 we did a project on Australian involved in medical, scientific research or human rights. When each group presented we took notes, here are the summaries from my notes.

Professor David Craig

Professor David Craig was born in 1919. He went to war in 1942-1944. He came back from war in 1944 to do research on physical chemistry.There are also two other gases called carbon dioxide and nitros oxide. His dad was a Manchester person who died when David Craig was 18 months. For a few years Professor David  Craig tought and lectured students from all ages.

Graeme Clark

Graeme Clark was born in New South Wales. Graeme worked on the bionic ear because his dad was death. Graeme Clark got a fellowship in 1964. There is nothing quiet connected to the bionic ear. There has been apparently 250 000 people using the bionic ear.

Sir Marcus Lauren Oliphant

Sir Marcus invented the atomic bomb. He lived for 98 years The atomic bomb was dropped in a city in Japan. The radiation would break people’s cells and turn people into dust. The bomb took 45 seconds to reach the ground.

Bill Compston

 When Bill was small he wanted to be a scientist. As a scientist he worked with rocks from 8 million years ago from the moon. Bill Compston was a geologist, geo chemist and geo physicist. A geo chemist is some one that studies earth. A geo logist is someone that studies liquid and the solar from the earth. He also invented the SHRIMP with stands for sensitive high resolution micro pro.

Maths mate sheet 4 question 23

Read: I think of a number, double it and then add 8. If the result is 40, what was the original number?

Predict: I predict that this is going to be about doubling and adding numbers.

Clarify: None

What is the big question: The big question is what the original number is.

Mathematicians’ toolbox:  The strategy I used was guess check and improve.

Solve: I solved it by taking 8 away from 40 then half it.

Answer: 16