Dear Lee and Classmates,

I believe that I should be in your class for 2014 because I have good manners, I am very well organised and I’m always willing to help my class mates at any stage of the day.

Firstly, I have great manners in the classroom as well as the yard. Whenever I receive something from my parents or my classroom teacher I always say thank you. I also say please a lot because it’s nice and caring.

My second strong point is that I’m really well organised which means that my locker and chair bag are always neat and tidy. I am much organised when I’m at my table because I always have my books stacked up in a neat pile. I have a well organised pencil case as well as a chair bag.

My final point is that I’m always willing to help my class mates whenever they need help. Once my class mates need help on a maths problem and I was there to help.

That’s why I believe I should be in your class in 2014!Clipart-Cartoon-Design-041