Maths mate sheet 3 term 1 question 22

Read: If it takes 12 minutes to saw a pole into 3 pieces, how long does it take to saw a pole into 5 pieces.

Predict: I predict that this is going to be about dividing numbers then adding them.

Clarify: None!

What’s the big question? How many minutes does it take to saw through a pole into five pieces.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Draw a graph or diagram.

Answer: 20 minutes

Solve: I solved it by dividing 12 by 3, which I got 4. And 4 times 5 is 20.

Reflection: At the start when I saw all those words I thought it was hard, but after reading it easier then you could possibly imagine.

100 wc week23

The school bullies were smashing my head on the concrete floor, I started to feel dizzy and muddled. I started to faint when I was pushed through the earth right to the other side. I appeared in the lovely city of Dubai. I walked around everywhere to look for my parents, but they were nowhere to be found. Later that day I decided to stay at the world famous building called the Burj Khalifa. In fact the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. As I fell into my sleep I woke up in bed back at home.

100WC week 22

The light was hurting my eyes; I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to run off away but the light sucked me back in, my heart was beating quicker and quicker by the second. But then out of nowhere I was sucked in to the eye hurting light. I was fainting while a pony came and dragged me back out. The pony flew to a city like no other. She dropped me off at burger king and flew off in the distance. I went to the city 12 miles away and finally realised it was in New York City.

Maths Mate sheet 2 term 1 question 22

Read: For hurdle races, the hurdles are placed 10m apart. For example, a 60m race has 5 hurdles. How many hurdles are required for a 100m race?

Predict: I predict that this will be about calculating how many hurdles are in a 100m race.

Clarify: None.

What’s the big question: The big question is how many hurdles are there in a 100m race.

Mathematician’s toolbox strategy: The strategy I used was draw a picture.

Answer: 9

How I solved it: I solved it by drawing up a line of ten centimetres and starting from one I putting a line every centimetre. The final answer was 9.

Summary: At the start when I looked at the problems I thought it was but when I read it, it looked so easy. At the end it was really easy.


100WC Week #21

A mysterious crime was held in New York last Thursday. The suspect that the FBI is looking for is Muhammad. Muhammad is the world’s most dangerous drug dealer. Now meetings were held across the country to find the answer to the mysterious crime. 2 months later Muhammad was found importing drugs into the country and was caught was a police dog. Now Muhammad is sentenced to 5 years in jail at one of America’s most violent jails. Muhammad was sitting in jail while the police was celebrating in New York Police Department. This morning Muhammad was missing. TO BE CONTINUED!

Super Spell Results

Spelling skills established

  • Long vowel sounds-silent ‘e’ ending
  • Diphthongs-vowels before ‘r’
  • Silent constanant

Spelling skills partially established

  • Long vowel sounds-Vowel diagraphs
  • Long vowel sounds-single letter
  • Vowel digraphs-Diphthongs
  • Verb endings
  • Harder plurals

Spelling skills not established

  • Soft Consonant sounds ‘c’ and ‘g’



My job(student) and your job(teacher)

My job as a student is Clipart-Cartoon-Design-041

  • To learn new things
  • To communicate
  • Help other people
  • Learn new information
  • Make new friends
  • To talk to new students
  • To not get distracted
  • To have fun
  • To improve
  • To prepare for high school
  • To meet new students
  • To under stand what the teacher is talking about.


Your job as a teacher is

  • To teach new thingsxcvfs
  • Give tips
  • To study on our work
  • To mark our work
  • To write reports
  • To be organised
  • To think about the activity’s we do every day
  • To stop bad behaviour.