The road to federation- Time line

This term we learnt about the Australian federation and the different types of governments. We did some activity’s on governments in class , then we went on with a mini project. The mini project was on THE ROAD TO FEDERATION. We had to look at two sites and then take notes. We then had to write an article with our notes. When we finished we had to make a time line using time toast. And here it is.

Here is a link to the actual site!




Swimming sports 2014

On February the 11th the whole school went to Queens park swimming pool to have there annual swimming sports.  There was four different teams, they were Banks, Chisholm, Lawson and macarther. My first event was the boys under 13 50 metre freestyle. There was eight people racing in this event. At the end I came 5th overall, but my friend Devlin finished first so that was a thumbs up.  My second event was the boys under 13 50 metre breaststroke. In this event there were also 8 people swimming. This time I came third with was a surprise because I thought I did really bad.

My last event was the boys 50 metre relay. In my team I had Devlin, Declan and Ben. The starting gun fired and everyone was off. Ben which was my team was coming first while I prepared to dive in the water. Ben touched the wall and I was  off. I swam as fast as I could to the other side where my other team mate Declan was waiting for me. The second I touched the wall Declan slapped his arms and legs and he was off. By the time the other teams were finished we were already collecting our ribbons. There were still lots of events to come like the cork scramble, the waiting race and the kick board race.

While I was waiting I head off to to the canteen on the other side of the pool. I wanted to buy a sausage roll but they weren’t ready so I just bought a bottle of lift. Each team had to make a chant, and the chants would of been performed to the judges . The winning team was our team, and we scored our selves some big points. Now it was the kick board race there were 2 teams in banks the girl team and the boy team. The girl team lost while the boy team won. Now it was a five to ten minute break. While we were having a break everyone was warming up .

Now it was the cork scramble, the girls went first. When the girls went all of the corks were floating around on Lawson’s area, which meant they had an advantage, and ended up winning. For the boys banks won because they show alot of team work and effort.

At the end of this great day everyone was tired. So we headed back for school. And that was the end of the great swimming carnival for 2014!!!

Maths mate Term1 Sheet 7 Question23


Read: There are 92 beds in a 40 room motel. Each room has either 2 or 3 beds. How many rooms have 2 beds?

Predict: I predict that this is going to be about using the four operations to figure this problem out.

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

What’s the big question: How many rooms have 2 beds?

My tool: I used the strategy ‘Write a number sentence’.

Answer: 28

Solve: I solved it by using my strategy of ‘Writing a number sentence ‘to do this problem.

Summary: This problem was actually quiet hard because at the start I didn’t really understand it. But when I reread it was a lot easier.

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The Road To Federation

A federation is where different states come together to form one nation. Our nation of Australia was formed when Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania came together as one.

There are lots of governments in the world, for example a dictatorship. A  Dictatorship is where one king or leader is in charge of the country and can do anything to you if you don’t follow the leader’s orders. Another government is a democracy. If you live in a democratic country then you’re lucky. A democracy is where there are two or more parties; the parties then go into an election. The people that vote must be over 18, they can’t be in jails and they must be a citizen of the country.

In 1816 there were 6 colonies of 3.7 million people. The laws the colonies had were decided by the British parliament .Henry Parkes was called the Father of Federation for his role as a long-time agitator for the cause. Henry Parkes worked with lots of famous people like Edmund Barton who became the first prime minister of Australia.

Edmund Barton was born in Australia in 1846. He went to school at the Sydney grammar school, and went to the University of Sydney. Edmund Barton’s profession was being a lawyer; he was also part of the Liberal party back in those days.

In 1898, a referendum was held so that people in the colonies could vote on the constitution. Queensland and Western Australia did not take part, and in New South Wales it did not get approved. The premiers met in 1899 to find ways of meeting the concerns of those three colonies.

A meeting was held between Melbourne and Sydney to discuss who was going to be the capital city. None of the cities got it so they made another city to be capital. The new capital city had to be at least 100 miles from Sydney declared Melbourne. So the new capital city was Canberra. Therefore the capital city was established.


100wc week 27

I would like to be a zoo night keeper because then you can see all of the beautiful animals sleeping soundly. Being a zoo keeper allows me to have an opportunity to see all the animals play and have fun. I also like this job because I can earn money each day for just looking after animals. This job is great because I can get to walk around to all the animals each night for free. Lastly being a night zookeeper can let me learn about zoos. For all those great reasons I believe I should a night zoo keeper.

Maths mate term 1 sheet 6 question 24

Read: Enter numbers in the circles so that the sum of the numbers at each end.



Predict: I predict that this is going to be about using addition.

Clarify: None

What’s the big question?  What goes in the circles?

My tool: Quess check and improve.




Solve: I just solved it by using my prior know ledge.

Summary:  I thought that this was the easiest problem I’ve ever done because it was really straight forward.

Maths mate term 1 sheet 5 question 22



Predict: I predict that this is going to be about drawing the missing face.

Clarify: None.

What’s the big question? What goes in the missing square?

The Tool: Test all possibilities.



Solve: I solved it by looking at the diagram and seeing which one was missing.

 summary: When I got to this question I thought it would take me a long time, but when I read the question it took me no time to finish it.

100WC week 25

Once in the woods lived a girl name Sophie. Every day she carries a hunting rifle to hunt for dears. But one day she found a bottle, it said ‘DO NOT OPEN’ in bold writing on the front of the bottle. Sophie took it home and left it in her cupboard for 2 years. 2 years later she was moving houses. When she was packing up she found the bottle. Sophie said she wouldn’t open it but when she lifted the lid she found that there was nothing there. So she happily moved in her new home in the city.

Maths Mate term 1 sheet 4

Read: Fill in the missing digits, given that no digit is repeated.


Predict: I predict that this is going to be about adding numbers.

Clarify: None.

What’s the big question: The big question is what goes in the missing spaces.

My tool: The tool I used is testing all possibilities.





Solve: I solved it by testing all possible possibilities until I got the answer.

Summary: At the start I thought it was going to easy because I’ve done lots of these problems before. But when I got into it, it took longer than I thought.