Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 5 Question 5

Read: Each letter represents a different digit from 1-9. If T is the only odd digit, what number does TWO stand for.


Predict: I predict that i’m going to use the strategy “Work Backwards” to figure out this problem.


What is the big question: What does two stand for?

My tool: Work Backwards.

Answer: 964

Solve: I just worked from E on wards until I got my answer, and then I checked it and it was correct.

Summary: When working out this problem I used the strategy I predicted (Work Backwards) and worked my way through the problem

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 4 Question 22


Five ballpoint pens cost as much as two fountain pens. How much are six fountain pens if one ballpoint pen costs $1.


 I predict that this is going to be about using the four operations to find out the answer, and also using some of my prior knowledge.



What is the big question? 

The big question is “How much does six fountain pens cost”.

My Tool: 

Draw a diagram.




My prediction was partly right but their was still some stuff I didn’t predict that happened.

100WC week 33

Dear world leaders,


I strongly believe that Lucy should have an education in Kenya because it’s not fair for her. Lucy may have disabilities but that can’t affect her learning. Lucy has eight brothers and all of them go to school, so why can’t Lucy go to school? Lucy can be like all the other people that have disabilities, hope on a wheel chair and go school. It’s also not fair because when she grows up she will need to get a job, and without an education it will be really difficult for Lucy to find a job.


From Raymond

Behind The News-Bike Licences

In this short video clip it talked about whether we should have bike licences to be able to ride a bike or not. Also in this clip their were two boys that ride to school, their names are Jackson and Alex.  Jackson thinks that if we have bike licences than it would prevent injuries and if you do bad stuff the police can take your licence away from you. But Alex has a totally different opinion, Alex says that if we have bike licences than not as much people will ride a bike, which means there will be more traffic and that will cause pollution.

What do you think?

If you have an opinion than leave a comment.