100 Word Challenge week 2

I was walking home from school when I bumped into my friend Andrew. He told me to come to the shop with him because he wanted someone to talk to, so I went with him to the shops down the road. Andrew hates the colour yellow but I love it. When we arrived I found a yellow soccer ball and wanted to buy it. When I walked up to the counter Andrew saw the soccer ball and said “but it is yellow”, I hate yellow screamed Andrew as he dropped his stuff and sprinted home as fast as he could.

One thought on “100 Word Challenge week 2

  1. Well done, Raymond.
    This is a good effort with nice, clear writing. It is easy to follow and your sentences have accurate punctuation.
    When you next write, think of an exciting, interesting or scary theme that your readers will enjoy even more than this.
    Keep up the good work!

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