Agent Garry

One morning agent Garry was brushing his teeth when he saw Adolf Hitler. He was walking on the road shooting people with RPG’s. Agent Garry to the rescue, Agent Garry kicked Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler teleported away. Agent Garry ran back inside and tracked were Adolf Hitler was going. He was at head quarters, the head quarters was at Germany. But Agent Garry was in Vietnam. The next day he hired a private jet and his weapons. Soon he was at Germany. He was at headquarters, he saw a few guards walking. Agent Garry went and killed the guards and went in. When he went in he put bombs on the oil tanks. He got caught by another guard. Agent Garry ran off, he went outside and found a quad bike and he rode away with it. Back  at the headquarter, BOOM BANG, the headquarter exploded and Adolf Hitler died.  


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