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Valedictorian speech

The first couple of weeks in prep were nightmares; I didn’t know anybody except for my teacher Leigh. After the first term I finally made some friends James, Finn, Imran, Kallum, Nick and Devlin. As the year went on nothing really happen except for that time Devlin told me to go on the oval and I got in big trouble. On the last day of school in prep I didn’t even realise, so on the Monday I came to school. The end of the year was great I knew most the teachers at this school and most the students in prep.

Not long later year one started, this year was great I had Nicole as my teacher and Beth was next door. Half way through term 1 I already knew everyone in my class and most people in the other classes. This year was the best year so far because this year is the year that I started learning and collaborating more with my class mates and the teachers. Term 3 went really well our topic was ‘Fairy Tales’. We went to the fairy park in Ballarat, this was so fun. We also went to the movies to watch a movie because somebodies parent worked at the cinema. It was now close to the end of the year and the only thing I remembered doing was going to the year 2 sleepover, even though I wasn’t in year 2 I still went and enjoyed the sausage sizzle.

Now year 2 has finally come, Antony was teacher this year, not the teacher I wanted but he was still a great teacher. The only thing I really remember is when we went to the recycling place. That was the smelliest place I’ve been to in my life but that excursion was still good. Now the time has come, ‘Year 2 Sleepover’. Now finally I get to stay there for a night. This was the best felling until year 3 came.

The only thing I liked about year 3 was camp and my teacher Zoya, of course. Zoya was good because she gives us so many lollies. This year’s camp was great because the bus ride wasn’t long; the cabins were good and the dj at the disco, Antony. The end of year was coming but swimming was still in the way. Swimming was great; I had a good teacher, group and class.

Now it’s my second favourite year, I was with Zoya again but this time I had one of the best classes. Devlin, Jules, Tait, Bryn and so much more. There were many highlights this that I can’t even say them all. The first highlight was athletics and swimming, this year was the year that I actually tried at athletics and swimming and it wasn’t too bad. The second highlight was camp, camp Currumbeen.  This was the second best camp because this camp wasn’t so much learning. It was more having fun, that’s why I liked it.

Now it’s finally my senior years at this school and Lee was the perfect teacher to help me start. I had a great class with a lot of my friends like Declan, Luca, Gavin and much more. But the best thing about this year by far was camp, I’ve said camp was the best thing in the past but this camp was too good. We went to Warrnumble and had buffet for dinner that was the best thing by far. I also enjoyed the disco and Bobby’s robot dance as well as the other great dances.

Now the time has finally come year 6, this year is the best year by far because of two things. One, this is my last year and I’m leaving at the end of the year. And two, this year’s class, I had the best class this year because I got most of my friend in this class like Declan, Luka, Cain and much more. That’s why these years the best year ever.

Throughout my time at Moonee Ponds Central School/Moonee Ponds Primary school, I feel everyone has grown from being shy and little to being optimistic and big. I feel these years at this school have really taught me stuff and I’ll take this knowledge on board when I’m at high school.

Maths mate sheet 6 term 4

Read: Fill in the missing digits in this multiplication.



Predict: I predict that this equation will involve multiplication.

Clarify: None

Strategies toolbox: Write a sum or number sentence.

Whats the big question? What goes in the boxes?




Solve: This problem didn’t take me that long to solve because i’ve done these problems before.


100 wc week 6

I was walking down the weirdest yet beautiful path of my life, as I was walking I could hear birds flying and people talking. Then I bumped into a women who was quite old and her name was Isabelle. She told me about the mysteries of the path and how there was evil inside. Later when I left the path I went to get a coffee at the café, when I heard a screaming sound in a distance. It was funny because nobody else heard except for me. So I wondered over and saw Isabelle standing there like a statue.

Read Like A Writer

1 Ideas: The ideas of the ‘blurring bullets’ in a fantastic way of replacing hover cars because its more intense.

2 Organisation: The fact that the author used ‘the roar of the hover cars filled the air’ was a great way to kick off the chapter.

3 Voice: The voice of the author is very intense/action because there are not many full stops in the book, which means you must read fast.

4 Word Choice: The words ‘frightening speed’ fitted this part of the book perfectly, because it describes the furious cars.

5 Sentence Fluency: The sentences were long which made you breathe less at the end of each sentence.

6 Conventions: The author used great conventions in this book which made it good.


100 Word Challenge week 2

I was walking home from school when I bumped into my friend Andrew. He told me to come to the shop with him because he wanted someone to talk to, so I went with him to the shops down the road. Andrew hates the colour yellow but I love it. When we arrived I found a yellow soccer ball and wanted to buy it. When I walked up to the counter Andrew saw the soccer ball and said “but it is yellow”, I hate yellow screamed Andrew as he dropped his stuff and sprinted home as fast as he could.

The six room poem

Over the last two weeks we learnt about poetry and the six rooms.

Rm1: Describe something amazing, beautiful or surprising.

Rm2: What does it look like.

Rm3: What can you hear.

Rm4: Any questions.

Rm5: How do you feel.

Rm6: Choose a line, word or phrase and repeat it three times.

Here is an example of a poem I did using the six rooms.



Fireworks rlrlloudrlrlbrightrlrlbeautiful

I hear rockets rlrl shooting rlrl in the skies

Thenrlrllbangrlrlan explosion

I feelrlrlrelaxedrlrlhappyrlrlscared

so bright rlrl so bright rlrl so bright

I wonder rlrl if fireworks rlrl could be cheaper

Text Types-Narrative

It was a sunny bright day at Moonee Ponds Primary School where the air was crisp and the sun was bright. Our class of 5/6 Z was getting ready to go to GTAC. GTAC  is located in the heart of Melbourne. As we went there we saw many different famous land marks of Melbourne, from the MCG to Crown casino. I new this day was going to be wonderful.

As our class stepped into the science lab at GTAC we could already see it was going to be a fun, safe and interesting session. But I was wrong… for our first activity my friends and I had to go to another room to have a gas experiment. But it all went wrong. As the minutes went by we could not hear or see a single person walking outside. So my friend Jeremy decided to check outside. When he stepped outside the door slammed shut behind him, the door was locked and the room was dark. Then we suddenly started coughing, louder and louder by the second. I could hear Jeremy banging on the door, but that was no help because he was weak and couldn’t bash through the wooden door. I knew we couldn’t get out of this alive.

As the minutes went by the cough just got worst and worst, louder and louder. Then everything started to blur. But as a blink of an eye went pass the window behind us burst open, this was our chance to escape. All my friends where lying there unconscious and I was the only one conscious. So I quickly dragged  my friends one by one to the window and threw them off into the pool below, I could hear them splashing in the water down below but I didn’t have the strength to jump. Plus I was afraid of heights. But then behind me I saw a glimpse of light, it wasn’t the light from the door it was the light from the fire.

I had no option but to jump because the fire was so close I could almost feel it burning. I leaped from the window and down I went, SPLASH!! I landed in the beautiful pool at GTAC. As I looked back up to the burning room I saw an explosion so big it nearly set the whole entire building on fire. Just joking none of the happen this was all just one big dream.

Conduct an experiment: How can we prevent rusting?

Rust Question

Question 1: Why don’t some metals rust?

Some metals rust because some metals absorbs water therefore the oxygen atoms get attracted to the water on the metal. This will cause it to rust.

Question 2: Why does it take some things longer to rust than others?

Some metals take longer to rust because some metals absorbs water and oxygen longer and other don’t take as long. For example bronze, steel and copper rust faster because it absorbs oxygen quicker.

Question 3: Why do some materials rust?

Some materials rust because of a chemical reaction from the water and the oxygen. The reaction is caused by iron being exposed to water and moisture. This is sometimes called ‘Corrosion’. When things rust it becomes flaky and crumbly.
Question 4: What does rust look like?
When something is rusted the exterior of the object looks very rough. It also looks red and very flaky.rust


Question 5: How can rust be prevented?

There are many ways to prevent rust now days. From painting it to oiling it. In usual households people tend to paint there things to prevent it from rusting. For example people paint there car to prevent rusting.

Question 6: What types of metals rust?

There are three main types of metals that rust, bronze, steel and copper. But of course theirs other types of metals which rusts. Like silver which turns blackish when rusted.

Question 7: Does aluminium rust?

Unlike iron and steel, aluminium does not rust or corrode in moist conditions. Its surface is protected by a natural layer of aluminium oxide. This prevents the metal below from coming into contact with air and oxygen.

Question 8: How does rust work?

  Rust is the common name for a very common compound, Iron Oxide.There is a chemical called Fe2O3,Fe2O3 is common because iron combines very readily with oxygen — so readily, in fact, that pure iron is only rarely found in nature.

Fair Test and Rusting experiments

 Aim: To find out if rust can be prevented from paint.


  • Paint brush
  • Red paint
  • 500 ml of salty water
  • 2 beakers
  • 2 large screw


1. Coat one of the screws in red paint with a paint brush and come back when the paint is dried.

2. Fill each beaker with 250ml of salty water.

3. Place the painted screw in one beaker with the salty water and the screw without the paint in the other beaker with the salty water.

4. Come back the next day and see if theirs a difference.

Fair test table:

Independent Variable

Dependent Variable

Controlled Variable


What the large screw is coated in.

The amount of rust that has formed on the large screw. The surface area that is covered is what will be measured.


 Amount of time left in the salt water. Temperature of the salty water.

Amount of light shining on the beaker.

The large screw with nothing on it is placed in salty water.