100 wc week 6

I was walking down the weirdest yet beautiful path of my life, as I was walking I could hear birds flying and people talking. Then I bumped into a women who was quite old and her name was Isabelle. She told me about the mysteries of the path and how there was evil inside. Later when I left the path I went to get a coffee at the café, when I heard a screaming sound in a distance. It was funny because nobody else heard except for me. So I wondered over and saw Isabelle standing there like a statue.

100 Word Challenge week 2

I was walking home from school when I bumped into my friend Andrew. He told me to come to the shop with him because he wanted someone to talk to, so I went with him to the shops down the road. Andrew hates the colour yellow but I love it. When we arrived I found a yellow soccer ball and wanted to buy it. When I walked up to the counter Andrew saw the soccer ball and said “but it is yellow”, I hate yellow screamed Andrew as he dropped his stuff and sprinted home as fast as he could.

100wc week 27

I would like to be a zoo night keeper because then you can see all of the beautiful animals sleeping soundly. Being a zoo keeper allows me to have an opportunity to see all the animals play and have fun. I also like this job because I can earn money each day for just looking after animals. This job is great because I can get to walk around to all the animals each night for free. Lastly being a night zookeeper can let me learn about zoos. For all those great reasons I believe I should a night zoo keeper.

100WC week 25

Once in the woods lived a girl name Sophie. Every day she carries a hunting rifle to hunt for dears. But one day she found a bottle, it said ‘DO NOT OPEN’ in bold writing on the front of the bottle. Sophie took it home and left it in her cupboard for 2 years. 2 years later she was moving houses. When she was packing up she found the bottle. Sophie said she wouldn’t open it but when she lifted the lid she found that there was nothing there. So she happily moved in her new home in the city.

100 wc week 24

The three little pigs went out to find a house they could live in. The first little pig bought a town house that he adored. The second little pig bought a flat on the other side of town. But the third pig bought a pent house sweet right in the middle of the city. One night pig number one’s house got robbed so he had to live with the second pig. Another night pig number two’s house got robbed. So they all moved in to the third pig’s house. That night they caught the theft and lived happily ever after.

100 wc week23

The school bullies were smashing my head on the concrete floor, I started to feel dizzy and muddled. I started to faint when I was pushed through the earth right to the other side. I appeared in the lovely city of Dubai. I walked around everywhere to look for my parents, but they were nowhere to be found. Later that day I decided to stay at the world famous building called the Burj Khalifa. In fact the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. As I fell into my sleep I woke up in bed back at home.

100WC week 22

The light was hurting my eyes; I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to run off away but the light sucked me back in, my heart was beating quicker and quicker by the second. But then out of nowhere I was sucked in to the eye hurting light. I was fainting while a pony came and dragged me back out. The pony flew to a city like no other. She dropped me off at burger king and flew off in the distance. I went to the city 12 miles away and finally realised it was in New York City.

100WC Week #21

A mysterious crime was held in New York last Thursday. The suspect that the FBI is looking for is Muhammad. Muhammad is the world’s most dangerous drug dealer. Now meetings were held across the country to find the answer to the mysterious crime. 2 months later Muhammad was found importing drugs into the country and was caught was a police dog. Now Muhammad is sentenced to 5 years in jail at one of America’s most violent jails. Muhammad was sitting in jail while the police was celebrating in New York Police Department. This morning Muhammad was missing. TO BE CONTINUED!

100WC holiday prompt#1

On day after school a boy named Joey came home from school. When Joey got home he realised that he forgot to bring his maths book home. While Joey was about go back to school his friends came over and he totally forgot about the maths homework. The next morning Joey slept in so that meant his was in a hurry. When he got to school the maths teacher came around to collect the maths sheets, when the teacher nearly came to Joey the little kids heart was beating incredibly fast. Then the teacher just gave a detention to Joey.

100word challenge week#29

BANG! There was bullets flying everywhere in the battle field. I was part of the war, then ouch! My arm was shot. A few seconds later a rescue helicopter came and flew me away. I was in the helicopter when suddenly my arm didn’t hurt any more. So I parachuted back to the battle fields. When my team saw me parachuting back they were so happy. When I landed my partner got shot from above. I was freaked when I saw that so I quickly got back my sniper and I was part of one of the world’s greatest wars.