Picture problems Pedal bin


I predict that this is going to be about patterns and tessellations because that’s what the floor is.


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Clarify: We had nothing to clarify.

BIG Question:  There are four questions in this problem. 1,

What shape is this pedal bin?, Try to match the squares on the floor with their reflections in the bin.

How many squares can you see in two places: on the floor and reflected in the bin?

What happens to the straight lines on the floor when they are reflected in the bin?

Mathematicians toolbox: Look for and describe a pattern or rule.


Question 1: In the picture the bin is a cylinder.

Question 3: 97

Question 4: The straight lines are bent into an arc or circular shape  because the bin is circular.

Three types of graphs

3d bar graph

Strengths: The strengths about this graph is its easy to under stand.

Weakness: The weakness about this graph is that it doesn’t tell you the exact number.


Strengths : The strengths of this graph is to understand.

Weakness: The weakness for this graph is that its boring and simple.

Strengths: The strengths for the pie graph is that its easy to read.

Weakness: The weakness for this graph is that it doesn’t tell you what the precise number is.



Revising the problem solving steps

Prediction: I predict this is going to be about Addition, subtraction and money.

The Question: A gambler begins with $21. In the first minute he loses $5, the next minute he wins 3. How long does it take tolose his %21 if he continues losing and winning in this way.

Clarify: Nothing

Big Question: The big question is how many minute does it take to lose all his money.

Stratigy: The stratigy we picked was draw a diagram.

Solve It: To solve tis question we drew a diagram and took away 5 and then added 3 until we got to 0 and then we counted how many times we added and took away.

Summarize: In this maths problem we thought it was going to be hard but then we drew a diagram to help us out. Then we found out it was easy and we got our answer very quickly. Our answer was 17minutes.



Maths Mate Term 1 sheet 8

Question: Find the sum of the 7 hidden faces of the dice?

Predict: I predict that this is going to be about “WRITING A NUMBER SENTENCE”

Clarify: NONE!

Qestioning: NONE!

Summary: So first i wrote 1 to 6 twice, then i crossed out the ones that are already on the dice. After that i just added the ones that havent been crosed out.