Text Types-Narrative

It was a sunny bright day at Moonee Ponds Primary School where the air was crisp and the sun was bright. Our class of 5/6 Z was getting ready to go to GTAC. GTAC  is located in the heart of Melbourne. As we went there we saw many different famous land marks of Melbourne, from the MCG to Crown casino. I new this day was going to be wonderful.

As our class stepped into the science lab at GTAC we could already see it was going to be a fun, safe and interesting session. But I was wrong… for our first activity my friends and I had to go to another room to have a gas experiment. But it all went wrong. As the minutes went by we could not hear or see a single person walking outside. So my friend Jeremy decided to check outside. When he stepped outside the door slammed shut behind him, the door was locked and the room was dark. Then we suddenly started coughing, louder and louder by the second. I could hear Jeremy banging on the door, but that was no help because he was weak and couldn’t bash through the wooden door. I knew we couldn’t get out of this alive.

As the minutes went by the cough just got worst and worst, louder and louder. Then everything started to blur. But as a blink of an eye went pass the window behind us burst open, this was our chance to escape. All my friends where lying there unconscious and I was the only one conscious. So I quickly dragged  my friends one by one to the window and threw them off into the pool below, I could hear them splashing in the water down below but I didn’t have the strength to jump. Plus I was afraid of heights. But then behind me I saw a glimpse of light, it wasn’t the light from the door it was the light from the fire.

I had no option but to jump because the fire was so close I could almost feel it burning. I leaped from the window and down I went, SPLASH!! I landed in the beautiful pool at GTAC. As I looked back up to the burning room I saw an explosion so big it nearly set the whole entire building on fire. Just joking none of the happen this was all just one big dream.

Narrative- The queens birthday that ended in shame

“STOP!” Screamed Jimmy as the school bullies started to hurt him.No stop it cried Jimmy but then BOOM!  suddenly he woke up from his horrific dream.Jimmy was seven at the time and didn’t know much. Jimmy is a very poor boy that comes from a very poor family. They live in a little hut on the hill side next to the closed down factory. He was 1 metre and 20 centimetres tall with short blonde hair, he wears glasses but he doesn’t really need. His mum is quite average in height and works at a bakery outside of town. His dad is fairly taller than his mum and works at a gas station.

One morning Jimmy woke up and heard a very weird sound. Without his parents knowing he ran to the top of the hill to see what that horrifying sound was. When he got up there he saw hundreds of hot air balloons getting ready to take off. Jimmy quickly rushed back home to check the calender, and then he realised it was  the Queens birthday. He woke his parents up straight away and told them what was happening. They quickly ate breakfast and drove to the city in there old rusty pick up truck.

When they arrived they saw that the hot air balloons were all different shapes and sizes. Some were made in very funny shapes and some weren’t. But there was one particular hot air balloon Jimmy’s family was interested in. It had stars and moons on it, which glowed in the sunlight. Then the crowd went even louder when they saw the Queen in her shinny black limousine.

The hot air balloons were off as the queens stepped out. Not long later something mysterious happened. some of the balloons started to fall back down on the crowd. Some fell on the streets and others fell by the rivers. But then Jimmy’s dad spotted the interesting balloon falling towards there home. They followed it until they found out it landed in the factory. The family slowing walked to the horrifying scene. Two men were aboard, both dead from terrible burns.

Two decades later…

Once!, Twice!, Three times! and sold to Jimmy. Jimmy was now 27 and married a woman named Alaska. They had three children named Sienna, George and Thomas, they lived happily ever after in there high rise apartment in the city.

Historical Fiction

Hey Billy! said Johny as he rode  down the road on his horse. Billy was upset so he didn’t answer at all. Billy was walking home when he saw a stranger getting bashed outside a bar. Hey get off him screemed Billy. Who are you? me? “i’m Billy Howsan and i’m a farmer. Now get off him before i get the cops! Lets get him said the gang of people. Ahh! screemed Billy as he was getting chased. Bang! Bang! Bang! bullets flew out of the revolver. Wow! who are you? I’m Harry! nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too said Billy as they happily walked down the road to Billy’s house. Next day went to work at the farm when he decided to have a break and go to the river to have some rest.

Once he got to the river he saw a funny looking boat coming towards him. Soon the boat stopped and a Chinese walked out. Ha ha Laughed Billy because the Chinese looked like a alien from outer space. What are you laughing at said the Chinese as he came closer and closer. Wham Billy knocked him out. That night billy brought him back to the town to show everybody. When Billy chucked him down on the table Ming woke up. Hey why are there so many people crowding me haa haa i’m asking a question.

Next morning Ming woke up in a dusty room inside a farm house. When Ming went outside he saw billy. Hello friend said Ming as he walked closer and closer to Billy. Do you have anything to eat said Ming yeah shore, go in the second door to the right and eat some food there.

Later that day another ship load of Chinese came. As the days passed more and more Chinese came. Soon the towns were crowded with Chinese. As the months passed the Chinese thought of an idea of building train tracks through out america. Soon the idea got the Americans thinking. Ten years later the train tracks were finished and all thanks to the Chinese we had train tracks.


The mysterious men

Once inside a little house on the corner of Jackson road and Boaty Street lived a bunch of guys. Their names were John, Phil and Dug. John and Dug escaped from prison and now there being chased, while Phil is Dug’s brother and Phil is helping them. The three men then went on the balcony and to have a drink, but when they got outside a cop spotted them and started firing at the balcony. Then several other cops came and succoured the house a few seconds later a car flew out of the house and off they went. Inside the car were Phil, Dug and John. Not long later their car went out of petrol and they had to take a taxi home.

When they got home they where so tired that they just fell on there beds and slept till 11:30am  and when they got dressed they went to the magician and got some help. When they were talking  Robert came pass and recorded the whole conversation. When he got home he turned the TV on and heard that they was a tsunami in wangi land and it would soon come down  tongi land .

Two weeks later:

Ahh, cried the city people  there’s a huge tsunami coming . Everybody started running for there lives and to the state library and it was soon in pieces. because it’s the only place that can’t get hit by the tsunami. But then a huge tornado struck the library and there was no place to hide. “Yes there is ‘said Robert ‘where’ ‘my house’. Soon the tsunami came closer and closer and the city people were all running to Roberts house. When they got there Robert told everybody to go inside and find a place to stand.

when everybody got inside the house went  flying  down underground. Robert didn’t like bad guys in his house, but then he found out that John, Phil and Dug was in his house. Bullets started flying everywhere and everyone was screaming. All the bullets came out of  Dug’s gun. Robert spotted them climbing out of the chimney. When they got out the cops where everywhere and soon enough they where e wrested. Now that Robert saved the city people  the LIFE SAVER award goes to Robert.


The End!


Superman(The Remake)

Once far far away in the woods super-baby was born. He was born in a very small cottage and lived with his mum and dad until he was 21 years of age. When he was 21 he wasn’t called super baby anymore he was called super man. Super man liked his work, his work was being a business man. Back in the city superman was very famous so he had to put glasses on.

Super man is a really smart guy because for some odd reason he is smart at all the core subjects like maths, English and science. At his work he would get paid double as much because he helps the boss when it comes to counting money or writing piece of writing.

One day super man was driving to work when he saw a gang of people chasing him. superman soon drove into a dead end. The gang was about to shoot him went out of no where a school bus came and ran the gang over. Now superman lived happily ever after.