Science Prac Report: Immersing packing pellets


Is to see what will happen to the packing pellets when put in water.


Beaker, water and a packing pellet


Fill the beaker 1/3 of the way. Then you drop a packing pellet into the water and you wait to see what happens.

packing pellet


I think the packing pellet will float then eventually sink.


It started to float but then it turned all soggy and started to sink.

packing pellet#2


The packing pellet sunk and started dissolving. My hypothesis was partly right but I didn’t it will disolve.





Narrative- The queens birthday that ended in shame

“STOP!” Screamed Jimmy as the school bullies started to hurt him.No stop it cried Jimmy but then BOOM!  suddenly he woke up from his horrific dream.Jimmy was seven at the time and didn’t know much. Jimmy is a very poor boy that comes from a very poor family. They live in a little hut on the hill side next to the closed down factory. He was 1 metre and 20 centimetres tall with short blonde hair, he wears glasses but he doesn’t really need. His mum is quite average in height and works at a bakery outside of town. His dad is fairly taller than his mum and works at a gas station.

One morning Jimmy woke up and heard a very weird sound. Without his parents knowing he ran to the top of the hill to see what that horrifying sound was. When he got up there he saw hundreds of hot air balloons getting ready to take off. Jimmy quickly rushed back home to check the calender, and then he realised it was  the Queens birthday. He woke his parents up straight away and told them what was happening. They quickly ate breakfast and drove to the city in there old rusty pick up truck.

When they arrived they saw that the hot air balloons were all different shapes and sizes. Some were made in very funny shapes and some weren’t. But there was one particular hot air balloon Jimmy’s family was interested in. It had stars and moons on it, which glowed in the sunlight. Then the crowd went even louder when they saw the Queen in her shinny black limousine.

The hot air balloons were off as the queens stepped out. Not long later something mysterious happened. some of the balloons started to fall back down on the crowd. Some fell on the streets and others fell by the rivers. But then Jimmy’s dad spotted the interesting balloon falling towards there home. They followed it until they found out it landed in the factory. The family slowing walked to the horrifying scene. Two men were aboard, both dead from terrible burns.

Two decades later…

Once!, Twice!, Three times! and sold to Jimmy. Jimmy was now 27 and married a woman named Alaska. They had three children named Sienna, George and Thomas, they lived happily ever after in there high rise apartment in the city.

The 5 big questions: Hugo Cabret

Big question#1: What makes this book good?

The thing that makes this book is how the author(Brian Selznick) creates an interesting scene to kick off the book. This book is also good because it is interesting and it captures the readers attention. This book is also good because of the names the author gives the characters, the names fits the scene. It is also good because the author describes the characters look and feeling.

Big question#2: What would make this book better?

The thing that would make this book better is if it had a little less illustrations and some more words. But other than that  I think theirs nothing to change.

Big question#3: Whats the one most important thing the author wants you to know?

I think in this book  Brian Selznick  really wants you to know that back in those times it was hard for everyone to live. Some didn’t have a home but had a family, and some had a home but no family.

Big question#4: Why did the writer write this book?

I think Brian’s purpose to write this book was to entertain us. I also think he wrote this book to inform us about what it was like back then.

Big Question#5 :  What does the audience need to know to understand enjoy the book?

I think that the audience needs to know the plot of the story to understand the book. I also think the audience needs to know what is happening so far to enjoy the book, because if you don’t know whats happening you wont have an understanding of the book.

Click on this link below to find out more about Brian Selznick and this book!


5 Facts Of Fiction: Hugo Cabret

Fact number#1: Fiction is all about the character

Hugo is a pour boy that has no family, no friends and no money. His dad died from a fire a while back and from that day Hugo has been sad, lonely and hungry. Everyday Hugo has been stealing food from the cafe and taking it back to his apartment. Hugo’s dad ran the clocks at the station and since his dead Hugo has been running the clocks ever since.

Fact number #2 : Fiction is all about what the character wants

All Hugo wants is a family and answers to the mechanical man that Hugo’s dad has been working on. Hugo wants a family because everyday he is alone in his little apartment with no one to talk to. Hugo wants to find answers to the mechanical man because his dad left it for him after he died, and Hugo wants to find out how his dad died.

Fact number#3: Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he or she wants

Through out the book Hugo has been finding out answers about the mechanical man. When it comes to the last couple of chapters Hugo has kind of found a family. The family consist of Hugo, the girl he met, the girls grandpa and the girls grandma. But in the end Hugo doesn’t find answers to his father death.

Fact number#4: Fiction is all about how your character changes

Hugo changes throughout the book because he found answers to all the questions he has. Hugo also changes because he grows up and becomes mature. He also changes because his not shy and pour any more.

Fact number #5: Fiction is all about a world the author creates

The author(Brian Selznick) made Hugo a poor, sad and shy to make the readers interested. The author also set the scene back in old English times so the readers have an idea on what it was like back then.

Click on this link below to find out more about Brian Selznick and this book!



Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 5 Question 5

Read: Each letter represents a different digit from 1-9. If T is the only odd digit, what number does TWO stand for.


Predict: I predict that i’m going to use the strategy “Work Backwards” to figure out this problem.


What is the big question: What does two stand for?

My tool: Work Backwards.

Answer: 964

Solve: I just worked from E on wards until I got my answer, and then I checked it and it was correct.

Summary: When working out this problem I used the strategy I predicted (Work Backwards) and worked my way through the problem

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 4 Question 22


Five ballpoint pens cost as much as two fountain pens. How much are six fountain pens if one ballpoint pen costs $1.


 I predict that this is going to be about using the four operations to find out the answer, and also using some of my prior knowledge.



What is the big question? 

The big question is “How much does six fountain pens cost”.

My Tool: 

Draw a diagram.




My prediction was partly right but their was still some stuff I didn’t predict that happened.

100WC week 33

Dear world leaders,


I strongly believe that Lucy should have an education in Kenya because it’s not fair for her. Lucy may have disabilities but that can’t affect her learning. Lucy has eight brothers and all of them go to school, so why can’t Lucy go to school? Lucy can be like all the other people that have disabilities, hope on a wheel chair and go school. It’s also not fair because when she grows up she will need to get a job, and without an education it will be really difficult for Lucy to find a job.


From Raymond

Behind The News-Bike Licences

In this short video clip it talked about whether we should have bike licences to be able to ride a bike or not. Also in this clip their were two boys that ride to school, their names are Jackson and Alex.  Jackson thinks that if we have bike licences than it would prevent injuries and if you do bad stuff the police can take your licence away from you. But Alex has a totally different opinion, Alex says that if we have bike licences than not as much people will ride a bike, which means there will be more traffic and that will cause pollution.

What do you think?

If you have an opinion than leave a comment.

Maths mate sheet 8 term 1 question 24

Predict: I predict that this question will be about addition.

Read: Enter numbers in the circles so that the sum of the numbers on each line equals that sum of the numbers at each end.


Clarify: None

Big question: The big question is what are the missing numbers

Mathematicians toolbox: The strategy I used from the mathematicians toolbox was to test all possibilities.

Solve: I solved this by testing all possibilities until I got the answer.


Summary: At the start it looked hard but when you got into it its actually quite easy.

The road to federation- Time line

This term we learnt about the Australian federation and the different types of governments. We did some activity’s on governments in class , then we went on with a mini project. The mini project was on THE ROAD TO FEDERATION. We had to look at two sites and then take notes. We then had to write an article with our notes. When we finished we had to make a time line using time toast. And here it is.

Here is a link to the actual site!